Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical Products

We offer wide ranges of pharmaceutical products such as for the improvement of circulatory system, nutritional tonic, gastrointestinal and cold medicine.
We will continue our efforts to support the healthy lifestyles of everyone from various aspects.

The motto of Nihon Seiyaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. is to contribute in health sector producing the drugs or products from the natural materials or ingredients. We offer wide ranges of health care products along with our main products, Seishingen and Okisopin Z. We tackle the enrichment of OTC drugs and nutritional supplements to fulfill the needs of today such as lifestyle related diseases and aging.

The indication of “Pharmaceutical / Non-Pharmaceutical” depends on Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Circulatory Drugsceutical

Goouseishingen 牛黄清心元


Indication:Excellent effect on the following symptoms associated with high blood pressure disease. ① Palpitation ② Numbness in hands and legs ③ Stiff shoulders ④ Rush of Blood ⑤ Tinnitus ⑥ Dizziness ⑦ Top heavy feeling

Ingredients: Rare animal extracts [Bezoar] and [Musk] and 25 others natural resources.

Nutritional Fortification Drugs

Okisopin Z オキソピンZ


Ingredients: Garlic extract(Japanese product), Ginseng, Angelica, Antler, Bezoar, vitamin B1 & B6. Indication: Physical fatigue, During convalescence, Loss of appetite, Malnutrition, Exothermic wasting disease, Before and after childbirth.
Nutritional fortification
Frail health.

Tenko 天好


Ingredients: Animal crude drug (Antler), Vegetable crude drugs (Red ginseng, Rehmannia and Atractylodes) Indication:Nutritional fortification of the following cases: Frail health, Physical fatigue, During convalescence, Gastrointestinal weakness, Loss of appetite, Pale, Oversensitiveness to cold.

King Horun Z キングホルンZ


Ingredients: Polygonati Rhizoma, Ginseng, Epimedium, Mountain Fructus, Bezoar, Antler, Mamushi, Taurine, Vitamin B.

Cold Drugs

Jusshinto Granules 十神湯分包顆粒


Remedy for common cold. Formula were mentioned in Wa-zai pharmacopia of China. Indication: Common cold, head cold,headache, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, hand and shoulder pain, cough.

Myfuron Gold Tablet マイフーロン ゴールド錠


Ingredients: Bezoar, Chiryu , Bellflower, Licoris radiata bulb, Acetaminophen, Dihydro codeine phosphate, and vitamin B2.

Infant Myfuron Syrup 小児用マイフーロンシロップ


For Children All- in- one Cold and Fever syrup with a chocolate flavour.
Effective in the treatment of various cold symptoms.
Chocolate flavor made it easy drinking to the children.

Gastrointestinal Drugs

Kinbukuro Fine Granules 金袋胃腸薬分包細粒


Formulated bulk powder of 16 natural materials. Gastrointestinal drug with no additive. Effective in the treatment of stomach pain, heartburn.

Rontaze K Granules ロンターゼ胃腸薬K顆粒


Effective in the treatment of Acid indigestion, heartburn. Six active ingredients ( Azulene, Aldioxa etc.) work.

Rontaze Slim Fiber ロンターゼスリムファイバー


Treatment for chronic constipation. Gentle action of dietary fiber and plants crude drugs bring natural relief. Improve skin roughness breakouts by constipation.